How to Exchange Bitcoin instantly

Bitcoin is great, however people want to exchange it for a flat currency or instant cash (mostly in USD). Bitcoin is gradually becoming widely accepted, but even if that is the case, it is still not a universal currency which means that you cannot depend on it due to its fluctuating market value. This is when you have to sell or exchange your bitcoins and make a profit on a currency that is globally acceptable.

The sale or exchange of bitcoin is not as simple as buying bitcoin, but luckily is there to help you. This guide will give you all the facts you need to pick up or exchange your bitcoin currency for cash instantly or another payment method you prefer.

When you agree on how to sell or exchange your bitcoin, you must first think about what method is best for your need: “Bitcoin online Exchange” or “Bitcoin Exchange in Person”. 

Bitcoin Online Exchange or Transaction

Instant transaction of bitcoin online is by far the most common means of trading your bitcoin. It involves three ways or method to go about selling your bitcoin online.

1. The first method consists of direct trade through a website that deals on bitcoin exchange to instant cash.

2. An online exchange trade, where people trade is between the exchanger rather with an individual.

3. With the use of Peer-to-Peer market exchange place which permits bitcoin owners to obtain discounted goods with bitcoin, through people who want to exchange bitcoin with credit/debit cards or any other payment method. They are brought together to solve both hitches in a peer-to-peer exchange system.

If you choose the direct trade or exchange method which is the type of service we offer, you must place a sale or exchange order on where you have to insert the amount  of bitcoin you are willing to exchange to USD for instant cash transfer or any other payment method of your preference and place your order. We have to confirm your order by verifying the details of your request, you will be given unique wallet address on which you will transfer bitcoin to us. Once your bitcoin is sent successfully, our automatic system will process your payment into your account instantly with no time delay. It’s very convenient to exchange bitcoin at that meets up the ease of use you expect (especially if you’re not very adept in trading or instant exchange of bitcoin), and of course our transaction fee is convenient. is exceptionally easy to use which is why it has gained lots of support and the number of users has grown exponentially over the past several months. The system is simplistic and offers you the options of exchanging bitcoin to instant cash. Another approach to exchange or selling of bitcoin to instant cash is by using an “Exchange Trade”, you have to register or signup with an online bitcoin exchanger. After you verify your identity, you don’t have to do much work in regards to the organization of the sale. 

Exchanger website act as an in-between body who keeps everybody funds. Just like any other site, you have to place a ‘sell order’ with the amount of bitcoin you want to sell or exchange(bitcoin), and also the price per unit you wish to sell or exchange. When another person places a buy order, the exchanger will complete the transaction and your account will be credited. The only set back applicable with the use of this method is, if you are selling or exchanging bitcoin for flat currency the fund will be withdrawn to your bank. When liquidity is encountered by the exchanger bank, it can take an undue amount of time to receive your funds i.e. the payment is not always instant.

Transaction fees are included in this type of bitcoin exchange, if this method of exchange might be more convenient for you, it still has its demerit.